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Model: 1010

Working Concepts Soft Knees® No-Strap Knee Pads



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SOFT KNEES® are for workers who frequently kneel for short periods of time. The sturdy, light weight SOFT KNEES® molded pad is barely noticeable to the worker when standing and walking, unlike the heavy, cumbersome strap-on pad. Simply roll SOFT KNEES® into a tight roll and insert it into the double knee of most double knee workwear.

The Soft Knees® No-Strap Knee Pads feature:

  • Long-lasting hypoallergenic material often used in prosthetics
  • For all workers using garments with double layers of fabric on the knees
  • Used for workers in all trades such as electrical, welding, plumbing, construction, and painting

  • Model: 1010
  • Manufactured by: Working Concepts, Inc.